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Resources for starting an oyster farm in Maine

Resources for starting an oyster farm in Maine

Websites That Are Helpful

Maine Sea Grant
The Maine Sea Grant website has information about oyster aquaculture in Maine and sample production worksheets for your oyster farm.

Maine Department of Marine Resources 
The Maine DMR website is where you can download your application for your LPA license.

NOAA Charts
We used the NOAA website to reference charts for our site location drawings in our application.


Oyster Farmers That Inspire Us

Nonesuch Oysters - Scarborough, Maine
We love Abigail's accidental oyster farmer story in her TEDx talk.

Pemaquid Oysters - Damariscotta, Maine
This video that Saveur made will make you wish you were an oyster farmer.

Island Creek Oysters - Duxbury, Massachusetts
We both read Erin Bryers Murray's book, Shucked.


Cool Facts About Oysters

  • Oysters filter 30-50 gallons of water a day
  • You won't find pearls in the oysters you eat (from the ostreidae family) -- the oysters that grow pearls are a different species (from the pteriidae family)

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