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Made in Maine

Made in Maine

The Journey of a Wildwood Oyster Co. Bag

Local Pride

It begins at the beach

The Sketching Phase

Becky finds that ideas for new products come at the most unexpected times, so she's always armed with a notebook or scrap of paper to capture what's in her head. She's inspired by nature, driven to create unique designs, and loves listening to feedback from customers to inspire her next designs.

Thoughtfully Selecting the Leather

We work with our local partner in Maine to responsibly source leather from around the world. We choose leather that celebrates the natural beauty of the hide and is super soft.

Cut to precision

Each bag has it's own metal die set that is used to stamp out the leather with a hydrolic machine. Every single part of leather that is cut is hand positioned by a person to make sure we are capturing the most beautiful part of the hide.

Hand Selecting Each Piece

Once we have the leather shapes precisely cut, we carefully arrange each piece of the bag to make sure that the leather looks beautiful all together. We pay careful attention to the color and texture of the leather to make sure it looks perfect.

Stitched with forever in mind

Each bag is sewn with heavy duty thread and each stitch is examined to make sure that your bag will last through all of your adventures with it. We believe in making a bag that gets more beautiful with age and doesn't fall apart

Ready for Rope and Brass

Capturing Beach Magic

Best Parts of Our Job

One of our favorite things is heading to the beach, the place that inspires us the most, to take photos and videos of Wildwood bags and jewelry. We love sharing a piece of Maine's magical coast with you! You can always find Becky with an armful of bags ready for their moment in the spotlight!

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