Our Oysters Launched!

This past Friday I picked up our 8mm seed (about the size of your fingernail) from Basket Island Oysters...2,000 oysters! I didn't know how big of a container I would need to transport 2,000 seed, so I brought a giant plastic barrel. It turns out that 2,000 baby oysters fit perfectly in a small pail.

The oysters patiently waited in some ocean water by the beach for a few hours until we were able to bring them out to the boat and tie them up for the night.

On Saturday, we transitioned them to the gear we set up the past weekend. We had three oyster bags ready to go, but we decided to split them up into two bags and save the other for later. They are happily floating now in Broad Cove!

oyster seed

oyster seedoyster farm

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