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seaweed rings

Seaweed Rings

Our seaweed rings capture the signature rockweed seaweed bubbles in such a delicate, yet striking, way.  Smooth and comfortable, this is the perfect “stacking ring” to pair with multiple Wildwood Oyster Co. seaweed rings, or to mix and match them with your own pieces. It's a little piece of the ocean with you wherever your adventures take you.

Silver and gold seaweed rings in models hands

"When I was a kid and playing at the beach, the rockweed seaweed was always my favorite because I liked to pop the bubbles. I still love the textural feel of the soft bubbles and the elegant strands that curl up as they dry. When I wear the seaweed cuff, I love how smooth the seaweed bubbles are— they take me back to the beach!"

-Becky McKinnell, Founder/Designer

silver and gold seaweed rings with silver and brass seaweed bracelets
closeup on rings
closeup on rings