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Have a question about Wildwood Oyster Co.? Thought to share? Product question? We are here to help! You can email and we'll personally get back to you.

You can also text any questions to: (207) 489-4262 📱

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! From time to time we offer sales. The best way to find out about sales and discount codes is through our email list (you can sign up here and you'll receive 10% off for joining!) since they are announced on email first for early access. We also post our sales on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to sign up for the Wildwood Oyster Co. Beach Club to earn rewards for each Wildwood purchase.

Where do I enter my coupon code?

When you check out, after you enter your shipping address, you will see a place to enter your discount code. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to send a message for help!

at is the difference between the Wildwood Oyster Co. Original leather tote and the Wildwood Oyster Co. Small Tote?

Great question! The original leather tote is 16 wide x 16 inches tall with a 24 inch dock line handle. The depth at the bottom of the bag is 4 inches. The original tote is big enough to fit a laptop along with your other essentials.

The Wildwood Oyster Co. small leather tote was designed as an alternative for our customers that are not ‘big bag’ fans, have a petite frame, or those that prefer a smaller bag. Compared to the original tote, the small tote is 13 inches wide and 13 inches tall. The rope handle is also 24 inches. The handbag can easily fit your wallet, small notebook and other belongings and is not as deep.

Visit our Fit Guide to learn more about the sizing of each bag.

How are the leather bags made?

First, the leather is shipped to Lewiston, Maine where it is carefully cut by hand with a special machine that stamps out the leather pieces so that each bag is exactly the same.

When the shapes are cut, it’s really important that the optimize the leather to make sure there is as little waste as possible.

After the leather pieces are cut, the cuts are reviewed to make sure they are perfect and each leather set is batched with similar textured pieces.

Then, the leather is sewn on a fancy industrial sewing machine with super strong thread and inspected to make sure that they are made to last a lifetime. Read more about our Made in Maine processs.

Lastly, the finished leather bags are matched with the ropes and the metal handles are attached in our studio in Portland, Maine. Stop by sometime and visit our showroom!

How should I care for my Wildwood Oyster Co. leather bag?

Wildwood Oyster Co. bags are made with Kodiak leather, which is a lightly oiled heavy duty leather. It will develop a beautiful patina and become more flexible as you wear it over time.

When you first wear your bag:

When you are breaking in your leather bag, avoid wearing light colors and also storing light colored fabric in your bag.

Treating the leather:

You don’t need to spray your bag with a leather protector, but if you do, be sure to read the label to make sure that the treatment can work on both leather and suede. Over time, if you want to give your bag a leather conditioner, I would recommend neatsfoot oil on the leather (not the suede).

Preserving the rope:

Velcro is the enemy of the rope handle! Be careful when wearing your bag near velcro because it may catch on the rope and pull out threads. If this happens and you have a snag in your rope, you can most likely work it back into the weaving of the rope. If you can’t work the snag back into the rope, don’t cut out the tear, instead, an alternative is to burn the snag using a lighter and it will melt the snag and seal the rope.

If you have any questions about doing this, please feel free to reach out! You can always send a picture and we can give you our recommendation. We also offer services at the Wildwood Bag Spa to give your bag some extra TLC.

What happens if I have a problem with my bag?

No problem! Please reach out through the contact page on our website and we will get back to you. Typically we will request pictures to discuss the best solution.

Can I replace or change out my rope handle?

Yes! We offer a few different services at the Wildwood Bag Spa to change up your rope style and keep your leather looking brand new.

Can my leather bag get wet?

The leather is a lightly oiled leather and is very forgiving if it gets wet. If you feel like your bag needs some extra love after getting wet or has some discoloration, you can use a light coat of neatsfoot oil on the leather (not suede). We also offer weather proofing at the Wildwood Bag Spa.


When can I expect my order to arrive?

Your order will ship with 2-3 business days unless you've ordered a custom rope handle, which may be 3-5 business days.

Do you offer rush delivery?

Yes, during the holidays we offer rush delivery. If you need rush delivery during other times of the year, please contact us and we can provide solutions for you.

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