• Summer Night Black Out on the Town Set

Summer Night Black Out on the Town Set




We’re SO ready for nights back out and about, and this stunning collection is designed for exactly that! Perfectly paired with your little black dress (or jeans and black heels), this collection holds all your essentials in such a sophisticated and minimalist way. Featuring our signature elements of our soft and rugged black Kodiak leather, our ink black dock line, and our stunning industrial brass, this collection brings you from day to night in showstopper style.


As the perfect go-to collection for a night out, this set (at a huge savings!) includes our:


Black Leather Clutch with Summer Night Black Wristlet

This clutch with our velvety black dock line wristlet fits comfortably around your wrist, and it’s perfect for a night out, as well as an adventurous day where you want your hands free. This clutch holds all your basic essentials, has a removable brass shackle, oversized brass zipper, and the special “Inspired by Salt Air” emblem to keep your coastal love top of mind.  

  • Specifications: Made from leather and suede, it fits around your wrist and is sewn with industrial thread
  • Dimensions: Clutch is 11" x 5"
  • Materials: Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather cut and sewn to precision; dock line rope (soft black nylon); removable brass shackle, classic brass (including oversized brass zipper)


Summer Night Black Leather Card Holder with Oyster Shell

Elegant and timeless, this black leather card holder with a slim two-card slot design transforms the clunky wallet in a sophisticated way. This card holder is made from our rich black Kodiak leather on one side, and our soft suede on the other. Designed to keep your heart on the water no matter where you are, this card holder features soft leather waves and our Wildwood Oyster Co. oyster shell on the leather side.

  • Specifications: Made from our rugged leather, this slim two-card design fits your essential cards.
  • Dimensions: Leather card holder is 2.75" height x 4.25” width with 2 card slots
  • Materials: Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather cut and sewn to precision


Summer Night Black Rope Keychain

This oversized nautical keychain is the perfect way to find your keys in a purse or hang them on a hook, and it’s a beautiful accessory.

  • Specifications: Made from dock line rope and leather, it includes a brass shackle and keyring to hold keys (and hang them)
  • Dimensions: Length is 7"
  • Materials: Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather hand stitched with gold embroidery thread, dock line (soft black nylon), brass shackle and keyring


Care (for your Clutch and Leather Card Holder)

Wildwood Oyster Co. products are made from self-sustaining Kodiak leather so you won’t have to treat them right away. Already treated with a lightly oiled finish, it’s designed for your everyday adventures and it’s forgiving for any scuffs you encounter in adventure – just quickly buff them out. You can freshen up the leather every few years (or as needed) with a leather oil like neatsfoot oil, and you can also use a suede protector if you’d like.

complete this gorgeous look with these accessories: