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Fit Guide

Wildwood Oyster Co. bags are made to last a lifetime (they even get better with age!), so let’s make sure you have the perfect size for all your adventures!


Original Leather Tote and Small Leather Tote

Classic and sophisticated, our signature minimalist boho bag transforms your everyday style in a big way! Inspired by the Maine coast, our bags are made from rich and rugged Kodiak leather, stunning dock line rope, and our pop of classic brass sunshine – in so many beautiful color combinations to choose from in the larger and smaller size! With two deep pockets, you can easily fit your day into your bag– whether your day brings you to the ocean or to the office. Our totes keep your heart at the beach in all your daily adventures – no matter where you are!

Left side- original tote- 14" wide, 16" tall, 4" deep, 10" rope handle; right side- small tote 13" wide, 13" tall, 4" deep


Leather Crossbody Small Tote


Our signature small tote comes in the much-loved crossbody design to rest comfortably across your body – with custom rope sizing!


hello crossbody! custom lengths= all bodies are beautiful! Here's how to size yourself- measuring a crossbody you already love the length of. Measure from the top of the bag to the top point of the strap that would sit on your shoulder. or you can measure the full length of the strap-- either measurement works! Default size is 18" for the rope handle. The small tote is 13"x13" and 4" deep

There’s so many ways to find your perfect crossbody fit!

If you have a crossbody you already love the length of:

  • Measure from the top of the bag to the top point of the strap that would sit on your shoulder
  • OR - just measure the full length of the strap

If you don’t have a crossbody (yet!):

  • Grab a fabric measuring tape and put it across your body from your shoulder to where you’d want the top of the bag to be
  • OR – grab a string, measure, and put your length up against a ruler

No matter how you measure, this information is so helpful to getting the rope length just right for you. Especially since our crossbody bags are designed to last a lifetime of adventures!


Here are some examples of customizations that customers have made:

Small Tote Crossbody
5'3": Removed 3"

Zip Crossbody
5'11": Added 6"

Want to see how our tote sizes compare to other bags you have? Here’s a shoutout to these other lovely designs, too!  


Other bags we love: Madewell- The transport tote, Louis Vuitton- Neverfull GM tote,  Rough & Tumble Minimal Tote Large, Longchamp Original Shoulder Bag


More sizing questions?

Please email us directly at and we're happy to help!