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Fit Guide

Let us Help You Find Your Perfect Wildwood Bag!

We hope the following fit guide gives you some guidance on finding your perfect handbag, but in case it doesn't, you can always text us at (207) 489-4262 or email us at We really want you to love your bag when it arrives! And also remember that all crossbody length adjustments are complimentary. 😘

Our Signature Salt Air Style

Made locally in our beautiful state of Maine, sewn one bag at a time. 

Complimentary handle customization because all bodies are beautiful!

Crossbody Decisions...Standard or Custom?

We want you to feel like your crossbody fits you like a glove! Whether you're on the petite side and want a few inches taken off or tall and curvy and need a few added, we offer complimentary length customization. Our standard crossbody lengths fit a variety of body types, but if you're thinking about a custom length, use our guide below and as always, reach out with questions!