• Silver Seaweed Necklace

Silver Seaweed Necklace




Channel your inner mermaid with this stunning and unforgettable statement necklace. This rhodium plated silver necklace not only captures the beauty of rockweed seaweed bubbles in a breathtaking way, but it also feels like a starry summer night we wait all year for. Delicate in material but bold in its presence, this is the kind of necklace that invites magic into your everyday life.



Our elegant silver necklace is the necklace you’ve dreamed about. Sized to be perfect for all bodies, this necklace has a long chain as well as a clasp. There is a metal taglet as well with Wildwood Oyster Co. and Inspired By Salt Air® script engraved on each side.


Size & Fit

There are three individual seaweed strands on a 33" chain.



Rhodium plated necklace.



Wildwood Oyster Co. necklaces come with a polishing cloth. It's not necessary to use it, but it’s there if you want a little extra silver shine! Live bright and bold, friends!

A Dynamic Statement

Wildwood Oyster Co. jewelry lets you make an entrance into any adventure, and this necklace is a showstopper. Please feel free to use the polishing cloth for extra shine along the way! If you ever have an issue with your necklace, please contact us immediately so we can help.


Customers Love

  • This bright silver shine of the rhodium plated silver necklace
  • Our unique statement piece design
  • The look and feel of this everyday jewelry

Our Guarantee

Woman wearing a silver seaweed necklace