Wildwood Oyster Co. Farm Updates

Made In Maine

  • 2016: Our first summer growing oysters in Maine

    We have been amazed how quickly the oysters grow each week! You can actually see them getting bigger. Here are some pictures This is our gear-- we decided to go with three bags instead of four. There is plenty of room for our 2,000 seeds in three bags. The oysters love it here! We've found some ... View Post
  • Our Oysters Launched!

    This past Friday I picked up our 8mm seed (about the size of your fingernail) from Basket Island Oysters...2,000 oysters! I didn't know how big of a container I would need to transport 2,000 seed, so I brought a giant plastic barrel. It turns out that 2,000 baby oysters fit perfectly in a small pail. View Post
  • How to build oyster bags

    Here's how we made our oyster bags:   Step 1: Fold the mesh to make a box shape   Step 2: Cut the 4 corners on each side so you can fold to make a box shape Step 3: Use zip ties to secure each end Step 4: Cut a flap so you can access the oysters Step 5: Attach the plastic floats to the side u... View Post
  • Applying for our oyster license in Maine

    Where to get an application to start an oyster farm in Maine and the process of applying submitting our application for an oyster license. View Post

Oyster Farm Updates

We love the ocean, spending the day on the water with salty skin and don't mind a bit of sand in our house. We love the taste of cold, slippery, salty oysters and decided we'd take a stab at growing them ourselves. We are figuring out how to grow oysters as we go and are sharing our adventures of starting our oyster farm on the Foreside of Cumberland, Maine.