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Woman wearing seaweed bracelets and rings

Everything Seaweed

Let your life feel whimsical. No matter where we are, if we have this tassel at our side, our day just feels a little more playful.

Our Leather Seaweed Fringe Tassels (in Black or Brown) has a removable brass shackle that connects to the brass ring clip. This means that it’s very easy to clip on and off the dock line rope of any Wildwood Oyster Co. bag - so all your bags will get a chance to wear it!

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bracelet inside a shell



Have you ever touched rockweed seaweed?


The texture varies between smooth flat pieces to soft bubbles, and it’s so beautiful - from the tips of your fingers to the bottom of your toes!

At Wildwood Oyster Co., so much of our vision (and our inspiration) is to bring you all to the beach with us - our happiest place in the world.

You’ll see this so much in our Seaweed Jewelry Collection. We now carry our bracelets (in four colors), our rings (in gold and silver), and our stunning gold necklace.

We also bring this inspiration to our Seaweed Fringe Tassels, letting you add even more magic onto your favorite Wildwood Oyster Co. bag!

Woman wearing seaweed bracelet, seaweed necklace and seaweed rings






We hope that our salt air inspiration continues to bring you joy, and we love seeing all your custom seaweed style statements!

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