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Behind the Scenes

So much goes into Wildwood Oyster Co., and we’re happy to share an inside look!

Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything. We’ll provide a peek into our work in progress, behind the scenes of our beachy photoshoots, and our events.

We’ve got so much up ahead, so be sure to bookmark this page (and sign up for our newsletter!) to see what we’re up to.

Thank you for being such a beautiful companion on this incredible adventure!


Photoshoot on the beach adjusting a bag
Becky sketching
leather die templates
woman wearing a wildwood bag while being filmed
Woman on the beach at a video photoshoot
woman on the beach during a photoshoot
photographer taking a picture of a black basketweave tote


Wildwood Oyster Co Trade Show Booth
Cutting handbags from a leather hide
Cutting Leather in a Workshop
Wildwood Oyster Co. metal brand
Sewing a Wildwood Bag
Sewing a leather bag
3 Wildwood Oyster Co stickers: rainbow, seal, Maine with pine trees