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Seaweed Bracelet in Polished Brass

  • $148.00






Like golden sunshine bouncing off the ocean on a summer day, this timeless bracelet brings a ray of light into your everyday look. Made from polished brass, we’ve captured the stunning rockweed seaweed bubbles that define the New England coast in a way you can almost smell the salt air. With a slight give to the brass, you can adjust this bracelet to fit you perfectly, and it feels so smooth on your wrist. There’s even an “Inspired by Salt Air” engraving inside the seaweed bubble to make you smile when it catches the light just right. With this splash of sun shining a spotlight on your unique style, you’ll feel joy each time you wear it!



Our stunning polished brass has a slight give to it so you can easily adjust this bracelet for your perfect fit.


  • The Small/Medium cuff is 2.75" long across your wrist and 2" tall. Before it’s made into a cuff, the total length of the flat bracelet is 5.75" and just over a half inch wide
  • The Large/Extra Large cuff is 3" long across your wrist and 2.5" tall. Before its made into a cuff, the total length of the flat bracelet is 6.75" long. The L/XL cuff fits men and women's wrists.


  • Classic polished brass


Wildwood Oyster Co. bracelets are made from polished brass, and each comes with a polishing cloth. It's not necessary to use it, but it’s there if you want a little extra shine!

Made to Last

Wildwood Oyster Co. bracelets are made to last a lifetime of adventures. If you ever have an issue with your bracelet, please contact us immediately so we can help.

Customers Love Our:

  • Top-quality bracelets made one at a time
  • Local New England production
  • Signature salt air style

Our Guarantee

seaweed bracelet on the beach

"When I was a kid and playing at the beach, the rockweed seaweed was always my favorite because I liked to pop the bubbles. I still love the textural feel of the soft bubbles and the elegant strands that curl up as they dry. When I wear the seaweed cuff, I love how smooth the seaweed bubbles are— they take me back to the beach!"

-Becky McKinnell, Founder/Designer

Bracelet cuffs can be layered for a mermaid-chic look

Made in New England, Inspired by Salt Air