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Where to buy your oyster gear and seed

Where to buy your oyster gear and seed

Where to buy your supplies, gear, and oyster seed for your oyster farm in Maine.

Where to buy oyster seed

Mook Sea Farm seems to be the place to go to buy oyster seed. After talking with Dana Morse at Maine Sea Grant, he was able to connect us with two local oyster farmers right near our area who were selling seed this season. We are ordering 2,000 10mm see to start.


Where to buy lines, buoys, mushrooms

We picked up all of our lines, buoys and mushrooms at Hamilton Marine. We went to the Portland location on Fore Street, but there are other stores in Searsport, Rockland, Jonesport and Southwest Harbor.

We bought:

  • (2) 25lb mushrooms
  • 100 feet of sinkable rope
  • 1 carabiner (we are testing this before we buy more)
  • 2 lobster buoys


Where to buy oyster bags

We bought our oyster bags (the black mesh material that makes up the body of the cage) at Portland Trap in Westbrook, Maine. Their headquarters is in Thomaston and they also have locations in West Bath and Jonesborough.

To start, we went with 8mm mesh bags. When we were there, we also bought zip ties and floats for the cages.

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