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Summer 2018 Oyster Farm Update

Summer 2018 Oyster Farm Update

Our oysters are doing amazing this year! They are staying healthy and growing big!




Our oysters are doing amazing this year! They are healthy and big!

Each week we take the boat out to check on them, shake the mesh bags to break up the residue and scrub off any algae that are growing on them.

This year in Maine, there have not been as many shellfish closures as I can remember in past years so we have been enjoying eating summer oysters.

Last weekend we were cruising around the islands of Casco Bay and have noticed so many other small oyster farms like us! We started 3 years ago and we were one of the only sites besides the commercial growers. Now it looks like a lot of other oyster lovers have picked it up as a hobby!


Here's me shucking a few of our oysters for an afternoon snack. (My sister is holding the oyster she's about to eat.). It's hard to believe that we've been nurturing this oyster for the past 3 years!

Maine Oyster



This is a picture of what the oysters look like when they come out of the bags that they float in on the surface of the ocean. We scrub them up with a toothbrush so they are nice and clean.Oysters in Bag

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