• Black Leather Zip Crossbody with Teal Rope

Wildwood Oyster Co. Black Leather Zip Crossbody in Seaside Teal



With its jet-black richness and pop of dreamy teal and golden sunshine, this little black bag will turn heads. This lightweight crossbody handbag combines our rugged black Kodiak leather, signature suede, soft seaside teal dock line rope, and the bright standout industrial brass hardware and chunky zipper closure. You can easily fit anything you need for the day into this deep base, and you can also keep your hands free with this unique crossbody design. Timeless and classic, this little black bag gets better with age and you’ll see the leather soften and the patina deepen the more you wear it. It’s the perfect handbag that puts your style on center stage.

P.S. We also have this classic black design in our Original Tote (that can hold your laptop) and Small Tote.


Fitting comfortably across your body, this small handbag has a chunky brass zipper closure that opens up to a deep base. Not only will it fit all your essentials, but the industrial thread sewing will also make sure it all stays secure. This handbag combines our signature smooth leather and suede combination.


Optional add ons


  • Handbag is 11" wide x 5" tall x 4" deep
  • Rope handle is 25" (measured from the brass hardware to the top of the bag handle)
  • You can select "Custom Length" when you add the bag to your cart if you'd like to extend or shorten your rope strap. Please write your desired length in the order notes and we'd be happy to customize the bag so it fits your body perfectly.



  • Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather cut and sewn to precision
  • Dock line rope (teal with a red tracer) that fits snuggly and comfortably across your body
  • Classic brass hardware
  • Brass zipper closure



Wildwood Oyster Co. leather bags have a lightly oiled finish and are made from very self-sustaining Kodiak leather. This means that they are durable, you won’t have to treat it right away, and you can easily buff out any scuffs along the way. You can also freshen up the leather in a few years (or as needed) with a leather oil like neatsfoot oil, as well as use a suede protector if you’d like.

As a specific note on the black Kodiak leather, we use a heavy dye to achieve this rich color. Just like your favorite pair of dark wash jeans, please break in your bag before you wear it with a white shirt or white jeans.

Made to Last

Wildwood Oyster Co. bags are made to last a lifetime of adventures. If you ever have an issue with your bag, please contact us immediately so we can help.

Customers Love

  • The quality of construction
  • The smell of the leather
  • It elevates their every day look

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