• Brown Leather Clutch with Chunky Brass Zipper and Neon Yellow Rope Wristlet
  • Brown Leather Clutch with Chunky Brass Zipper and Neon Yellow Rope Wristlet

Brown Leather Clutch with Chunky Brass Zipper and Neon Yellow Rope Wristlet




Want to invite more fun adventures into your life? Neon yellow is just the thing! With a stunning contrast of neon yellow against the two-tone chocolates of our leather and suede, this clutch stands out in a big way. This clutch brings together our rugged Kodiak leather, suede, our neon yellow dock line wristlet with a removable brass shackle, and the oversized brass zipper. We’ve also included the special “Inspired by Salt Air” emblem to keep your coastal love in your heart. This clutch holds all your small essentials and you can wear it every day since it gets better with age. Just like the summer sun, this small accessory helps you shine bright in this world.


P.S. If you want this beautiful neon yellow in something bigger, the Original Tote (that can hold your laptop), is your newest must-have bag.



This clutch easily holds all your small essentials and it fits comfortably around your wrist. It also has our signature combination of smooth leather and suede, all sewn with durable industrial thread.



  • Clutch is 11" x 5"



  • Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather cut and sewn to precision
  • Dock line wristlet (neon yellow) that fits comfortably on your wrist with a removable brass shackle  
  • Classic brass (including oversized brass zipper)

Meet your new clutch that gets better with age!

But, first, please break this in just like your favorite pair of dark wash jeans! We use a heavy dye to achieve this rich color, so please don’t wear it directly on your lightest-color clothes quite yet. As soon as it’s broken in (the buttery leather will get even softer!), you’re ready to explore the world in any hue. Happiest adventures, beauty!



Wildwood Oyster Co. leather clutches are made with self-sustaining Kodiak leather, making them durable for all your adventures. You won’t have to treat this clutch right away since they already have a lightly oiled finish. For scuffs along the way, just quickly buff them out. You can also touch up the leather in a few years (or as needed) with a leather oil like neatsfoot oil. And, you can also add a suede protector if you want.

Made to Last

Wildwood Oyster Co. bags are made to last a lifetime of adventures. If you ever have an issue with your bag, please contact us immediately so we can help.

Customers Love

  • The quality of construction
  • The smell of the leather
  • It elevates their every day look

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