• Brown Leather and Suede Bag with Navy Handle
  • Brown Leather and Suede Bag with Navy Handle

Wildwood Oyster Co. Brown Leather Original Tote Bag with New England Navy Dock Line and Classic Brass



With the quintessential color scheme of rich chocolate and navy hues, this minimalist boho bag is the perfect accessory to bring your unique look to the next level. Just like Maine’s stunning coast, this bag represents the land and water in a design that catches your eye and doesn’t let go. It combines our signature soft and rugged Kodiak leather, classic New England navy dock line rope, and sturdy industrial brass that makes it all pop. This bag is designed for your everyday life, easily fitting everything from your laptop to your must-have beach day supplies. It’s also meant to be worn every day – since it gets better with age. You’ll be amazed at how much softer the leather gets and how much the gorgeous patina deepens. From the workplace to the ocean boardwalk, this bag is ready to see the world with you.



Two pockets easily hold work or play, fitting your laptop or anything else you need for the day. These belongings will stay super secure since the thick leather is sewn with industrial thread. The inside of the bag and one side of the front pocket is soft suede and the rest of the bag is smooth leather.


Optional add ons


  • Handbag is 14" wide x 16" tall x 4" deep
  • Rope handle is 10" (measured from the brass hardware to the top of the bag handle)
  • 3" Industrial brass hardware


  • Responsibly sourced Kodiak leather cut and sewn to precision
  • Dock line rope (soft navy nylon) that fits snuggly and comfortably on your shoulder
  • Classic brass


Wildwood Oyster Co. leather bags have a lightly oiled finish to give you the most durability. With a naturally high oil content, our Kodiak leather is very self-sustaining, and you won’t need to treat your bag right away. You also won’t need to worry about small scuffs along the way - just buff it out to make it look new. You can rejuvenate the leather using a leather oil like neatsfoot oil every few years if it’s needed, too.

Our Customers Love Our:

  • Top-quality bags sewn one at a time
  • Local Maine production
  • Durable bags that get better with age
  • Buttery feel and rich leather smell
  • Signature salt air style

Our Guarantee

woman reaching inside leather tote bag on the beach