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Autumn Sun

Autumn Sun

These Limited Edition bags are knockouts, and we adore this unbelievable color! 👏

We have two leathers to choose from:

☀️Autumn Sun Nubuck Leather
With such a creamy texture, this stunning leather almost feels silky to the touch. With its velvety feel and rich color, this unforgettable bag turns heads.

☀️Autumn Sun Suede Leather
With the classic suede texture you know and love, this leather makes your boho dreams come true. With its beautiful color, you’ll feel inspired wherever adventure takes you.

This magical color comes in several bag styles including our Original Tote, Small Tote, Small Tote Crossbody, and Sling Bag.

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large nubuck tote
suede sling bag in yellow
suede autumn sun small tote crossboyd
nubuck small tote in yellow
woman wearing a white shirt and a yellow nubuck bag
woman wearing a nubuck bag in autumn sun